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She's not an honest person and she's stuck in some creepy cult that brainwashes and bullies people in the sex industry. He blatantly denies it and calls her a liar over and over again.

The passport just proved we were wrong and she's born in and the laval catholic school apparently did middle and high school in the same place.

Lana rain nude

That make me think that she is talking about Ter. Naked amature women pics. The discord is pinned on her Twitter. It takes a special type of crazy to be enamoured by a narcissists delusions of grandeur. Lana rain nude. How absurd is it for this guy to think he's some sort of super genius?

Her face is in the video and everything. They really preyed on someone that wasn't and isn't in a good place at all, but I'm glad she got out of it and is doing better. PNG Well we can't dig Vero's shit because she disabled her ask, and I'm sure her fb is stricter than before. With Lana's popularity waning and her rank ever dropping lower and lower. Y'all do have a lot of time on your hands tho may I suggest a hobby, writing, actual soap operas… or my personal favorite drug addiction?

Like I know cops are useless but generally they're more strict with foreigners, it's like officials secretly fap to her porn too or someshit.

Flashes help a lot of cam girls reach a goal. Watchmen sex scene. They really do call him god and treat him like some profit. That's why he "Stopped being friend with her" yet…still is very much involved in her life. She's dropped down to rank 12, with at least three of those girls ahead of her doing cosplay. He also has used multiple programs to springboard her to success in camming by tipping - at one point, he was 5 of the personalities and her biggest tipper on manyvids.

The only thing I agreed on with the other guy is that some people on here are just having fun insulting the chick because they're being petty, which is a common thing on the internet. You should talk to CB about 5, I see a lot of girls on both cam sites promoting their MV even though it's against the rules. If she graduated inher birthdate would've been in and the mal proved it.

Take a look at 2 and 5. Both girls were neardy girls who kept to themselves and then were corruption by some creepy dude using drugs. It's not working very well anyway! He could have more people in his shit cult if his attitude were a little better. Now that's what you call over price. Nude hollywood sex movies. He's not THAT stupid to have physical evidence of their love. More specifically showing her age. Please, someone come up quick with some alternative conspiracy theory for that photo, or else I'll have to live with the conviction that he put up that picture because of the two eights.

There's a difference between taking issue with something as anyone should in the case of the playground incident and obsessively rallying the troops against someone. I cannot post proof of Lana's sexual relationship with 8Loaded until I have permission to from my source, but it's there, and multiple people who have interacted with 8Loaded in the past can confirm it for me too.

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Like I know cops are useless but generally they're more strict with foreigners, it's like officials secretly fap to her porn too or someshit. Kid's good with his private life. Naked pictures of kelly ripa. I bet they won't even have sex.

Sorry for Shane, he used to be in a much better company. If you notice in that thread, that ID guy even gives some evidence that mdma isn't great for treating depression and explicitly says people need to do their own research. Lana rain nude. He must have started using early because he has the mentality of a 10 year old boy who played Tekken 3 for the first time and larps Jin Kazama during recess. While I know more than what an outsider would about all this, I'm not super close to Vero.

If she wanted to fill them out a little, she could have just opted for much smaller ones that would have looked so much better. What his actual day to day living like? Furthermore, Lana is severely lacking any nuturing figures in her life other than eight. Eight likely justifies his day to day actions and whatever the fuck Lana does as a necessity for his "higher goal".

She's basically a fake weeb. She claims to stay up for days getting shit done, yet somehow she looks relatively fine. Indian nude sex dance. There's something that generally attacts damaged people towards eight and I'm not quite sure what it is. I appreciate everyone's concern, and empathy for my situation as it was been incredibly difficult for me, and was something I dealt with for 3 years.

There's no doubt in my mind that he truly believes that his cult is helping people. He also encouraged her to camgirl at the start of her camming career. It seems like she has a dependent personality and always needs guidance and direction from somebody. He is a nobody, we talk about him because he's that much of a nobody it makes him a somebody that is a creep, grooming Lana succesfully, if he knew her for 7 years meaning she'd be 14, and he be like 21 Vero was unsuccessful if we go by her not talking to them much … He calls people aspies and other insults, he is a self proclaimed genius, when all he does is post shit that people can't read properly because they make no sense.

They just market her as doing everything because it looks better on her. Stop trying to promote your own cause by pretending that only one person would disagree with your point. I did not and won't be filing charges because it is not worth my time. Milf ass huge. Is he trying to look like a bootleg tekken character or something? How would she even dress the machine as it's literally just a box with no body? I want my falling out with them in the past as I have graduated college and am trying to start a new life.

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I think in a deluded sense he might actually care for the people around him in the same regard that Adolf Hitler might've cared about the idea of the German people. Take that away from him and he'll be a literal nobody, which will definitely hurt his masculine ego.

That seems kinda disparaging to the entire idea of camming. And Vero's skin would likely be olive. Lana not taking criticism can I have a few screenhots for curiosity? Also, around that time he allegedly went on a date when he posted his selfie at a restaurantand I've never seen him share that type of information before online.

I do give her or Eight props for the concepts, while Lana isn't the best at executing them they're refreshing to see, I guess? This one anon just won't give it up. Her convulsions and cold light in the last clip make it look like a scene from a psychiatric ward. You should swing by Bad Dragon, though. A dildo is not a sentient, living thing.

Terrence is giving them shrooms and brainwashing them, some guy Scarlet worked with posted a phone call about them on his porn blog site where she exposes a bunch of their shenanigans.

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Normal people, good people, don't do the shit he's done. Like any cult leader he seems reprehensible to us, but within his sphere of influence he is easily beloved so much even his abuses seem to be excusable.

The more income she gets from these videos, the more she'll rely on 8 for help. Jessica walter young pictures. Y'all do have a lot of time on your hands tho may I suggest a hobby, writing, actual soap operas… or my personal favorite drug addiction? Can someone please show us his old school records without doxxing. I swear to god I did alter this shit. If she doesn't have wigs to fill out her face, she looks awful.

He's made Lana go along with manipulative plans like this before to try to prove people's loyalty to him. Lana rain nude. It seems more than evident that eight seems far more intelligent than Lana. Japanese tube lesbian First of all the real villain seems to be infinite but people still shit on Lana and also even though I like her videos I still think the bitch is crazy and seemingly stupid. He has dated a series of women, all online before meeting in person and then dating in person or long distance first he can't get a woman in person and never has.

I can't find the other ones.

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HAIRY WIFE TUBE When he master becomes…the slave…I think? Probably just Ter in drag.
Cosplay e hentai She definitely did not start camming 'right' when she was 18, how funny that people actually believe that trife. I believe the Jessica girl went under something like Soul. You're improving your life.
Julia ann lesbian pornhub This is just ONE of the many ginormous tips he gave her to raise her scores.
Lesbian gangbang domination Lana probably makes good money camming but not as high as everybody thinks tho and maybe Terrence snatches almost all of it, now he is grooming Vero so she is ready to cam before dumping Lana for a younger gamer cam girl.

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